Ancient Peoples

El Hormiguero

This website focuses on pictorial and videographic imagery of the works of the ancient peoples of the world.  Rock Art, Pottery, Ceremonial Centers, and Habitation Centers are the focus of the pages which follow.  Arranged by geographic region.

The material shown here is the work of R. A. Barnes.  Primarily a photographer and videographer of the world’s bird life, Barnes also focuses on other elements of natural history.  The photographs, videos, and memories of those pursuits can be found at the A Birding Life website.  The pursuit of natural history topics often brings him into contact with reminders of early peoples.  Those reminders are shown here.  He also manages a website which focuses on “ancient” airplanes, automobiles, trains, farm equipment…. See the Air and Ground site for that material.  Lastly, material from the Black Range of southwestern New Mexico in the United States is covered in a separate website -  The Black Range.

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